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Keyholding, Alarm & Access

The keyholding option provides a cost effective and reliable method for providing out of hours security, and we quickly respond in the instance of any disturbance. Where there has been a break in or disturbance, a complete report will be sent to the client within 24 hours. In the event of a false alarm, a straight forward alarm reset is carried out, with the premises secured on departure.

Where an intrusion has occurred, our staff would preserve the premises as a scene of crime, notifying the Police and the client. Upon client instructions, we would maintain a Guard on site until either boarding up or full repairs are carried out, to reinstate security.

Reassurance Access Services

We provide personnel to open up your premises out of hours and weekends to allow workmen and contracted staff in. We also will maintain a presence and provide a lock up services once these work personnel have left the building.

Alarm Response

RSSL provide an immediate response to alarm call-outs and will assume responsibility to protect your business and staff.